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Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Simple Ideas Can Make Big Difference

There are several appealing topics in architecture and you can choose any of these for your own thesis quite easily if you are an architecture lover and a student. When you have passion, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in deciding what you should be writing about because you have clear things in your mind and you could understand what can bring you more advantages to start an excellent career in future after completion of your graduation. However, if you are still having confusions regarding selection of a topic, here we highlight some ideas related to dissertation topics architecture or you can get online dissertation help from professional academic writers.

Idea 1: Landscape Architecture

It is yet an interesting domain in architecture. Being quite different from classical building designs, this field provides many appealing topics, working on which will greatly increase your knowledge. Though, you may need to prepare yourself to invest some more time in research work as the broadness of this area may stimulate curiosity inside your mind to discover more and more.

Idea 2: Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture, an ancient European design specialty, is now beautifully adapted in recent building designs as well. Therefore, you may find several architecture dissertation topics in this domain. You can choose to discuss about the inclusion of gothic architecture in modern construction designs, or the variations in the designing approaches with transitions in its reputation.

Idea 3: Architecture and Solar Energy

With the increase in usage of solar energy as an alternate to other fuels, architecture is also being influenced with energy conservation. Thus, you may choose writing about the link between solar energy consumption, conservation techniques, and its inclusion on modern day architecture; e.g., installing solar panels in existing and new buildings, etc.

Idea 4: Tourism Centers

As it is a human instinct to bring change in life, the architectural designs are also being varied from place to place, and from time to time. Also, these changes are being done in search of a better construction plan then the past. Hence, here you would find interesting architecture dissertation topics where you would discuss these transitions and improvements in architecture.

Idea 5: Architecture and Environment

Environmental factors play a key role in building designing and planning; even a slight change in temperature or air pressure etc. can greatly affect the construction procedure. So, you can choose to write about the environmental influence on architecture, the related pros and cons, and possible solutions to the problems.

You Can Find Several Other Dissertation Topics for You If You Prefer to Write Something More Interesting & Engaging.

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