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It’s never easy to propose a new idea. It requires critical analysis and extreme research skills. Without them you will have trouble finding something worth exploring. Remember, your research will help you find a lot of material and your analysis skills will help you determine what sort of question should be answered in your paper.

Even after you find something nice, you will not be done with it. You will have to present it in a logical manner in accordance with the guidelines you have been given. Without impeccable presentation, your idea will not be approved no matter how intriguing and convincing it is. This is why you must work on your presentation skills and propose your idea in a very alluring manner.

Even though ‘Dissertation’ is considered to be the most hectic task, the trust is that ‘Proposal’ is tougher than that because it builds a solid foundation for your dissertation. You will have to write introduction, literature review, methodology and so on. When the next step comes, you will have complete help from your proposal.

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