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Though dissertation writing is a difficult task, writing law dissertations is an even more complicated thing since you are required to follow a set pattern, and take care of all instructions regarding the format. Citing appropriate references is also a critical step as you need to search for authentic sources to present facts which is of course quite difficult process because you really have to be ready to spend a lot of your time and energy.

As for any dissertation, finding a suitable law dissertation topic is a tricky part! Thus, here we list a few subject areas that could help you confine your focus to choose a specialized topic for your law dissertation. Hopefully, this will help you bring yourself into a better position:

  • Criminal law and its implementation
  • Commercial law
  • Administrative law
  • Corporate law
  • Law of governance
  • Law of intellectual property
  • Constitutional law
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Others

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What Do Law Schools Require from You?

Since law is a solely applied field, law dissertation topics should be chosen keeping in mind their realistic applications. You must begin your dissertation after comprehensive literature evaluation and researching about related case studies, so as to support your proposition with existing evidences.Many students take it as a regular task and their non-serious attitude towards their studies make them face complete disappointment at the end of their academic career when they fail to achieve desired grades. Therefore, you must try to take this very seriously.

Criminal Law Offers Various Dissertation Topics

Whenever you have to make a choice from several law dissertation topics, this subject is advantageous since it covers a broad range of realistic situations. It is a field which is being applied each and every second, thus criminal law dissertation topics always remain most up-to-date. In the list below, we have mentioned several topics that could guide you while selecting one for your thesis.

  • Definition of crime in state law
  • Analysis of crime reports
  • What Criminal law says about the war against terrorism
  • Analysis of homicide, Law commission reports, and related aspects
  • Complaint management system in criminal law
  • Role of decency in criminal law
  • Concept of being ‘guilty’
  • Bad Samaritans and Law of omissions liability
  • Impact of Government actions against certain laws
  • State interests and the threats to them
  • Incidents of sexual harassment: analysis of reports and fight against it
  • Public law and order situation

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