Literature Dissertation

Literature Based Dissertation and Review

We easily comment when we read any article, story or any book by others. However, it is really not a piece of cake when you have to give words to your own thoughts, opinions and experiences.Similarly, to write a dissertation on literature is not that easy. This kind of dissertation is entirely different from the others as you have to be quite serious while selecting a topic on which you can think something creative and write something unique that could grab your readers’ attention.

The Approach You Should Follow

You should know what kind of literature should be reflected from the literature based dissertation. You may find numerous opinions on a variety of topics in literature, but, you should follow some prescribed standards in order to prepare something authentic otherwise you might have to face the failure while achieving the objective of the dissertation. Whereas, by following few important steps, you can really do a better job than others to achieve the objective.

The Choice of the Topics

Although you can write the dissertation on any topic, but, firstly, you have to look for the literature dissertation topics that are really interesting for you. At this stage, many students choose inappropriate topics which may sound interesting, but when the students start working on their dissertation they may realize that they have not chosen a right topic. They may find difficulty in gathering the relevant material and information to write your literature dissertation.

Literature Review Help

Are you seeking help for your literature review? Writing this kind of review is not an easy task to do. This review is not the kind of one you read about books. To write this review you have to go through the different relevant dissertation, research articles and books. The literature review provides the overview of the literature that has been done in the past and is published on the relevant topic. Here are some important features of the review:

Main Elements of the Literature Review

Some elements included in the literature review are:

  • A summary of an issue or any theory
  • Aim of the review
  • Dividing the work into categories (supporting work,work in opposition and alternative work)
  • Explanation of the work: Explaining the similarities in the different work and also the differences
  • Conclusion: Writing best work from the arguments

Literature Review Writing Four Steps

  • Defining the topic:Define the topic carefully and also define its components
  • Collection of Material:Many different tools are available to collect the relevant information and material.The tools may include databases, library catalogues and bibliographies.
  • Evaluate Findings:To have a clear understanding about your topic, you ought to evaluate the findings of the important part of the material.
  • Analysis and Interpretation:Give a detailed discussion about the findings and the end results which is relevant to the literature.

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Main Objective of Writing a Literature Review

The Literature review is an essential chapter of the thesis. The review can be independent on any specific topic. The main purpose may include:

  • To place every part of your work in the context according to the amount of contribution done to clear the point of view related to the topic
  • To define the association of the different parts of the work
  • To resolve contradictory viewpoints of the previous studies
  • Find out the best methods of interpreting the things and throwing light on the aspects that are missing in the previous researches
  • Identify alike areas that are discussed previously in the researches so that additional efforts can be avoided

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