Marketing dissertation

Selection of Marketing Dissertation Topics

The selection of topic is like the base of a building; if the base is weak, the entire infrastructure will be fragile…!

Likewise, choosing a wrong topic will result into a weak dissertation!

The selection of suitable topic for your marketing dissertation is necessary to produce a quality write-up. And for producing high quality content, you have to have interest in it. Without the consent of your own will, you won’t be able to begin working on a topic for your dissertation.

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Diversified topics

Marketing is really a broad field, and when it comes to preparation of dissertations, students may find a list of several topics for dissertation in marketing to work on. A common problem that almost every student faces is to narrow down their focus to choose a topic. If they understand the diversity of broader subjects that comes under the umbrella of ‘marketing’, they will be able to choose the right themes for marketing dissertations!

A few sub-fields of marketing are listed below; these may help you get an idea about the major disciplines:

  • Marketing ethics
  • Social networks
  • Mobile marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Branding
  • Consumer psychology
  • Relationship marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • International marketing
  • Marketing mix
  • Others

Variety of Choices in Marketing Dissertation Topic

As there are a number of topics offered in marketing, there is a plenty of choice for selection of an appropriate topic for you. Just have a look on existing literature and sample dissertations, and review them regarding what topics are being covered and how. Then you will be able to decide whether you are going to select a novel topic, or to present an existing topic from a different perspective.

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Let’s Take a Look At Some Narrowed and More Focused Topics

The secret of choosing a right topic lies in narrowing down choices because having a broader theme usually confuses student and they often make wrong choices. Below you can have a look at some of the more focused dissertation topics in marketing to help you avail academic success:

  • Customers Approachability and the increased chances of products promotions
  • The latest trends in management of salespersons and customer relationships
  • Overview of consumes psychology living in most developed countries
  • What factors help in encouraging consumers try newly introduced products in markets?
  • Does product packaging really boost sales?
  • What could be the most effective social media marketing strategies in 2016?

The above listed Dissertation Topics on Marketing are more focused on specific marketing aspects but you can still find even more specified options

Still Confused in Choosing Dissertation Topics Marketing?

Well, if you are, you don’t have to be disappointed because you are not alone on this path. Marketing often makes students confused due to availability of variety of options. In every aspect of your dissertation, you can get the help of Click2Dissertation Team.

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