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What Makes Your PhD Dissertation Different Than Thesis?

PhD dissertation is a mandatory requirement for your doctorate degree. It not only involves extensive research, but also includes preparing lengthy write-ups to cover your theory and practical coursework.Nevertheless, merely writing all details does not fulfill requirements for your degree, rather you need to have a technical approach to include your findings with relevant references and evidences in support of your PhD dissertations.

Are You Worried About Your Dissertation?

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How is a Dissertation Different from Your Thesis?

There are various important factors which you need to understand while you are trying to figure out what makes a dissertation different than a thesis. Some of these factors are described below:

  • A thesis is merely a scientific claim or hypothesis about a certain topic. It is developed into a dissertation when you add sufficient evidences in support of your thesis.
  • When writing your dissertation, you should be clear about your thesis statement.
  • While making your thesis statement, you must write it in a clear manner so as to make it approvable by the committee.

After you have a valid thesis statement, you can proceed further to add relevant literature references to make up your PhD dissertations.

Format of PhD Dissertations

As a standard, a PhD dissertation includes the following sections:

  • Abstract:A brief description about your thesis.
  • Introduction:It includes supporting material for your thesis, including literature evidences.
  • Proof of theorems:Includes reliable evidences in support of your findings.
  • Measurements/data:Includes experimental as well as observational data.
  • Additional results:You may need to include certain additional information to second your results.
  • Conclusions & future perspectives:Here you need to write about the applicability and limitations of your propositions.

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